Coach Carter

The Movie Coach Carter is a very inspirational movie. It’s actually a motivational movie too. It’s about a coach who came Richman High School in the ghetto community. He came to turn the program around, but he also came to get the boys a good education and to be able to go to college. Yeah those boys gave his a hard time, but Coach Carter got them to a winning season and the boys learned much discipline at the end of the day.

Rick Gonzalez played Cruz. Cruz was the trouble student who always had the attitude. He was the person to walk out on something that wasn’t going his way. He was also involved with gangs, but when he seen his cousin get shot his whole life turned around and he was a better person. He became a better team player.

Channing Tatum played Jason. Jason was a cool kid. He was always nice with the ladies but didn’t take junk from nobody. He had to act hard because he was the only white person on the team. His game improved a lot through out the movie and so did his grades.

Robert Ri’chard played Damien. Damien was Coach Carter son. He was a freshman who went to St. Francis, but when he found out his dad was coaching for Richman, he withdrew himself and transferred to Richman to play for his father. He was a smart kid and his dad mad him keep a 3.5 GPA to be able to stay on the team. He became a started by mid season, hitting some clutch baskets.

Rob Brown played Kennion. He was one of the most positive teammates you would ever want to have. He was always motivating his team to do the right thing and not to give up. He was also dealing with a problem. He had a baby on the way and he didn’t know how to accept that because he didn’t want it to mess up his future. He got offered a basketball scholarship and he took his girlfriend with him.

Antwan Turner played Worm. Worm was the funny guy. The guy who didn’t know how to take anything serious. He got the ream in trouble because he took the team to a party when they went to a Christmas tournament. Worm was a good point guard he just always had something to say. And of course he was smooth with the girls. Definition of a player.


Recruiting Class Saved

The Florida Gators had the number 1 recruiting class in the nation with Will Muschamp. Muschamp had guys coming from all over the country to be a Gator. But with Muschamp being fired, all the recruiting started to go down the drain. Players started looking at other schools who were interested in them. All because Muschamp was gone.

Then came along Jim McElwain. A coach from Colorado State coming to be Florida’s new head coach. No players really new this guy, but Coach McElwain attitude brought a new feel to the team. He had no idea what he was up against. He didn’t know who was being recruited but he got right to work. Everyone is still asking, what kind of team will Florida have this year? Especially with some key players entering into the draft. Only time will tell.

This year the Gators didn’t have the strongest recruiting class, but they got some key palyers. Their top recruiter CeCe Jefferson. A defensive end from Saint Mary Fl. This kid is big and fast. Lets not forget powerful. Florida should be a good team this year. Most people say they should have fired Muschamp after the recruiting was over. Florida is going to be good.


Day 1

Lebron James Back and Team Catches Fire

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs has caught fire since James has been back on the court. They are winning more games and sharing the ball more. James is finally in control of his team now. He has averaged 31 points per game since he has been back from his injury. But the win over the bulls he scored 26 points.

Everyone is satisfied on the team except Kevin Love. He feels as he is not getting involved in the offence enough. He’s not averaging what he was in Minnesota and on top of that he is taking less money. So most likely Kevin Love will opt out of his contract. Things are not falling in place like he thought they would. They struggled at the beginning, but now with the best player in the league back, Love has found his touch.

The Cavs have proven that they are not powerful at all without Lebron James. Even when they brought J.R Smith to the team, without James they were still losing. He’s the captain of this team, the best player in the league of course they need him. James has so much power over this team that he can push his coach around when the coach is about to blow his top. Now that’s power that I’m sure no one else has. Since this team is now fired up, there is no way that the Cavs will miss the playoffs this season. Not sure they will make it to the finals, but this is a playoff team. I think since James has been out for some time, he will be even more healthy and come playoff time he will be more rested. Last year he was done come that time. Lebron James has brought the spark back in Cleveland.